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Warming Up to the World of Tolerance

Recently I attended a discussion group where people of different views come together and discuss a topic each month. This month’s topic was about the topic of tolerance, and asked if there were things that should not be tolerated. The … Continue reading

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The Problem with White Llamas and Gold Catfish

“Llamas are wreaking havoc all over Phoenix!” What? “That dress is totally white and gold!” Huh? “Some guy caught a 280 pound catfish today!” Are you sure? This past week, there were statements flying around our culture that caused loads of debate … Continue reading

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The Shredder’s Not Empty

“There’s not a shred of evidence for the existence of God.” This statement is commonly found on forums, online comment sections, and anywhere else religious-type debates take place. Of course, this no-evidence claim can be made about any type of topic, … Continue reading

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Evidence of a Blue Bunny

A view that I have heard frequently as of late involves evidence. This view, to put it simply, is that scientific evidence is the only thing that can be considered as evidence. By scientific evidence, I mean events that involve observation … Continue reading

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Science Rules?

The first area we can explore to discover truth that I will discuss is science. When talking about this topic, it is important to establish definitions. There are different definitions for science, whether it’s “the study of nature” or “any … Continue reading

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