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When Satire Turns Serious: My Unexpected Babylon Bee Discussion

Over the weekend I had a serious conversation about the Resurrection of Jesus in the last place I’d expect – a satire website! That’s right – in a Babylon Bee post from Saturday, I wrote a comment that received quite … Continue reading

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Is the New Testament Accurate? – The Big and Small Questions

In meetings for Twin Cities Apologetics, discussion has commonly focused on a specific time gap – the time between when Jesus lived, and when the information about him was written down. But one member of the group recently asked a question about another … Continue reading

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Dealing with Depression: The Source of Hope

This post is a continuation from the first part of a response to a question about depression. I’ll begin with the question I posed at the end of the first part: What hope is there in all of this? There are a … Continue reading

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The Shredder’s Not Empty

“There’s not a shred of evidence for the existence of God.” This statement is commonly found on forums, online comment sections, and anywhere else religious-type debates take place. Of course, this no-evidence claim can be made about any type of topic, … Continue reading

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