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If it Feels Right it must Be Right… Right?

How could something that feels so right be called immoral? That is basically the question Imagine Dragons singer Dan Reyonlds proposed on a recent interview on the Ellen Show. In the interview, Dan talked about his upbringing as a Mormon and … Continue reading

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My Worldview Is Like Christmas

Today is Christmas. Today, millions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a historical figure who changed the world about 2,000 years ago. And today, I made the connection that my worldview is very much like Christmas. Without Jesus, it falls apart. To continue … Continue reading

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Freedom – The Implications

“Freedom is my God now, and I love this one a thousand times more than I ever loved the last one.” This quotation from Rebecca Slick sparked my interest in the topic of freedom almost one year ago. That spark … Continue reading

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