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Does Faith Make Sense? – Part 1

I once had a conversation with an Atheist who said, “I don’t understand the idea of faith. It just doesn’t make sense to me”. It was one of her main objections against Christianity, and religion in general. Reflecting back to that … Continue reading

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Poverty Explained Through The Christian Gospel

My recent trip to Haiti caused me to think about poverty in a way I never have before. The Christian worldview seems to provide a good backdrop to poverty and the appropriate response to it, especially through the gospel message. … Continue reading

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An Example of Love

This past winter, I heard a story during a service at a church that really caused me to think. I would like to share the story and some reflections with you. The story, given by a pastor, is about the pastor’s father … Continue reading

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Resurrecting Hope

Around this time of year, people commonly hear the typical Christian phrases, “Jesus is alive”, “Jesus is risen”, or “Jesus has conquered death”. However, many many not know what those phrases actually mean, or know the significance of those phrases … Continue reading

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