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A Questionable Doubt

In my last post I discussed my experience at the RZIM Academy. The topics for the next few posts will be based on the written interactions and reflections that were part of the experience. In one conversation towards the end … Continue reading

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Dealing with Depression: The Struggle

 I recently received a question on a difficult topic. I will be releasing my response to the question in three separate blog posts. Here is the entire question, followed by part 1 of my response: How do you as a … Continue reading

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I Doubt You’ll Like This Post

As I write this post, numerous doubts are going through my head. I doubt people will care about what I write. Doubt my abilities to write in a way that makes sense. Doubt the worth of writing in the first place. … Continue reading

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A personal story – Tiggerific!

This is the first official post in Viewing Out! Before writing about specific topics in this blog, I want to talk about how I got to this point… being a Christian and posting in a blog. I’m going to break … Continue reading

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