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Email List for Christian Apologetics Group!

I haven’t updated this blog much, and there’s good reason for that! I’ve been CRAZY busy this year with the launch of Twin Cities Apologetics, a group which equips followers of Jesus with Apologetics resources and builds up ambassadors for … Continue reading

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10 Things Christians Should Do On Every Flight

Flights provide a great opportunity to talk about spiritual topics with people you never met. Conversation opens up naturally as people share their travel plans. Still, making the transition to a spiritual topic during the flight can seem intimidating. I … Continue reading

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Is the New Testament Accurate? – The Big and Small Questions

In meetings for Twin Cities Apologetics, discussion has commonly focused on a specific time gap – the time between when Jesus lived, and when the information about him was written down. But one member of the group recently asked a question about another … Continue reading

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How Chewy and Rap led to Thoughts about Talents

Over the past few months I’ve been thinking a lot about the talents and abilities I have, and how to use them. This week, I was exposed to two individuals and one group that have been changing the way I … Continue reading

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Dealing with Depression: The Struggle

 I recently received a question on a difficult topic. I will be releasing my response to the question in three separate blog posts. Here is the entire question, followed by part 1 of my response: How do you as a … Continue reading

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Response to the American “War on Christianity”

I was recently asked what I thought about the idea of a “war on Christianity” in the U.S, a phrase that some people have used to describe the overall attitude that the general U.S. population currently has towards Christians.  This question was … Continue reading

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