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5 Objections to the Life of Jesus That Are Simply False

Imagine you’re watching a Youtube video of your favorite Christian song. You decide to scroll down to the comments section. There you read three words you never expected to see: JESUS NEVER EXISTED This is exactly what happened to me … Continue reading

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When Satire Turns Serious: My Unexpected Babylon Bee Discussion

Over the weekend I had a serious conversation about the Resurrection of Jesus in the last place I’d expect – a satire website! That’s right – in a Babylon Bee post from Saturday, I wrote a comment that received quite … Continue reading

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Is the New Testament Accurate? – The Big and Small Questions

In meetings for Twin Cities Apologetics, discussion has commonly focused on a specific time gap – the time between when Jesus lived, and when the information about him was written down. But one member of the group recently asked a question about another … Continue reading

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My Worldview Is Like Christmas

Today is Christmas. Today, millions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a historical figure who changed the world about 2,000 years ago. And today, I made the connection that my worldview is very much like Christmas. Without Jesus, it falls apart. To continue … Continue reading

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I Doubt You’ll Like This Post

As I write this post, numerous doubts are going through my head. I doubt people will care about what I write. Doubt my abilities to write in a way that makes sense. Doubt the worth of writing in the first place. … Continue reading

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The Shredder’s Not Empty

“There’s not a shred of evidence for the existence of God.” This statement is commonly found on forums, online comment sections, and anywhere else religious-type debates take place. Of course, this no-evidence claim can be made about any type of topic, … Continue reading

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The Best Christmas Passage Never Read at Christmas

A few weeks ago, I heard a pastor who talked about what he called the “best Christmas passage never read at Christmas”. This passage came from the Bible, in the book of Galatians, chapter 4: “But when the set time … Continue reading

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