How my Input Strength put me Out of Balance

Based on the results of the Strengthsfinder test, one of my main strengths is Input. This strength basically means that I have a desire to constantly seek new information.

The Input strength can be great for certain things such as research. But for me, this strength has become a liability. Over the past few days, I’ve realized that this strength has caused me to feel out of balance.

This feeling results from a difference between input and output of information. Throughout each day, I constantly input new information into my head, and feel like I never have enough time to output that information through writing or sharing it verbally with others. This lack of balance between input and output results in two difficulties:

  1. I always feel overwhelmed– When I input information into my mind and don’t take time to process through it, I never come to a resolution about what to do with that information. For me, the information overload combined with a lack of resolution has led to a constant feeling of being overwhelmed.
  1. I lose a sense of purpose– When I fill my head with information and never share that information, I feel that I miss opportunities for others to be helped through the things that I share. It’s like I’m obtaining this knowledge for the sake of having it, and there’s nothing I’m actually doing with it. Thus I feel my purpose for obtaining the information is lost.

Now that I realize that I’m out of balance, I want to change the way that I use my time each day. When I have free time, I want to focus on the output instead of the input. For example, instead of constantly checking Facebook and devouring more information about other people’s lives, I can process through information relevant to my own life by writing a few sentences about what I’m thinking.

I know that for me, the input will always be present, because my tendency is to always acquire new information. But focusing more on output could allow me to capitalize on that tendency by putting all that information to use. It would also help me to move away from an information overload and to move towards a better grasp of the information I have.

With these ideas in mind, I hope to share information with others more often. Not only because I believe it can help others, but also because I need to be in better balance with the information I’m inputting versus outputting. This sharing could come in the form of a blog post, a song, or a conversation. I also hope to start a new blog, although using this blog provided a good avenue to start sharing posts again.

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1 Response to How my Input Strength put me Out of Balance

  1. Jenn says:

    I fall into the same affliction, I want to know it all! I stop at the library and check out all the non-fiction books on the most random things. It can be fun. Thanks for sharing!

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