My Worldview Is Like Christmas


Today is Christmas. Today, millions of people celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, a historical figure who changed the world about 2,000 years ago. And today, I made the connection that my worldview is very much like Christmas. Without Jesus, it falls apart.

To continue a series about my experience at the RZIM Academy, I wanted to share a written assignment we had during the course. For this assignment, we were asked to summarize our worldview, explaining the main components that make up the way we see the world.

Here is what I submitted as my worldview summary, with a few edits based on feedback from the rest of the class:

My Christian worldview revolves around the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. These three things reveal aspects of the world we live in. Jesus’ life showed us that the God who created the Universe came down in human form and lived a perfect life on Earth. Jesus taught that we cannot live a life of perfection. We all do immoral things that cause us to fall short of perfection, which the Bible classifies as “sin”. This sin separates us from the perfect God, and must be dealt with before we can truly know God.

Jesus’ death shows us that he did something about this problem of sin. He sacrificed himself by being killed on a roman cross, which is described by historical sources as an extremely cruel form of punishment. He took the punishment that we deserved for our sin onto himself. As a result, anyone who trusts in Jesus for that sacrifice will be forgiven of their sins, and will be able to know the perfect God on a personal level.

Jesus’ resurrection reveals our destiny. By the resurrection, I am talking about the claim that Jesus rose from the dead three days after his death.  It is reasonable to think this claim is true, since it is the best explanation for the historical evidence surrounding the event.

If it is true, that means there is life beyond death, and Jesus has something to do with it.  When Jesus was living, he said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father (or God) except through me”.  Jesus taught that people who follow him will also rise from the dead and will be with God for eternity.  In the meantime, they receive the Holy Spirit, a guide who allows them to experience the presence of God in their daily lives. Those that do not follow Jesus will be separated from God for eternity.

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