Under Control – Part 2

In part one, I talked about three points that relate to the topic of control, and ended with a question: What is worthy of being in control of your life?

As I mentioned, some things seem logically not worthy, such as alcohol, while others do seem worthy, such as a job. But now I extend the question and ask, what is most worthy of being in control of your life?

For me, the short answer is God.

To some people, this may seem like an obvious copout answer. You may think, “Of course a Christian would say that – for Christians, God is the answer to everything!” But there are reasons that my answer is God for this particular question.

The first reason is that the existence of God is a reality. This reason is necessary to establish in order to talk about the other reasons, since being controlled by something that does not exist would not be worth it, or even non-sensible. Obviously, this point can be debated. However, I think there are some very substantial reasons to believe in the existence of God, primarily the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, I will not discuss these reasons in this post, and will instead assume the existence of God for the rest of this post.

Another reason why God is worthy being in control of your life involves the characteristics of God, which combine to describe who God is. The Bible, which Christians believe is God’s revelation (revealed truth) to people, describes many things about God. He is morally perfect, all-knowing, all-powerful, fully loving, infinite, unconstrained by time, merciful, just, and more. A being with these perfect qualities is deserving of having control of your life, especially in comparison to things which do not possess these qualities.

These qualities are shown through God’s actions, especially through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Through his death, God is shown to be just (dealing with sin/injustice), merciful (taking the punishment for sin upon himself so that those who actually did sin do not experience the full consequences), fully loving (sacrificing himself for people who rebelled against him), and morally perfect (Jesus was crucified even though no one could accuse him of committing one sin).

Through the resurrection of Jesus, God’s power (overcoming death), complete knowledge (he had a plan through everything), and infinite nature (by showing that life is not temporary through Jesus’ post-resurrection body) was shown.

Along with those two events, many Christians have stories of seeing God’s power, love, mercy, etc. through events in their life. This experience of God convinces me that God is worthy of being in control of my life, along with the understanding of who God is and the things he has done.

Another reason God is worthy of control of your life is that control lasts for eternity. Yes, we may love certain things, and thus choose to be controlled by them because they are worthy of having that control. But if those things do not have an eternal nature, those things are going to not be around at some point. For example, you may lose a job that you love, or you eventually have to retire. You may love basketball but then endure an injury that takes you out of the game for good. However, a love for God is one that can be enjoyed forever. This concept is described in more detail in a previous post.

These reasons are not exhaustive; more reasons could be given to explain my answer. But I think these reasons are adequate to explain why God is most worthy of having that control. The word “most” implies a comparison, and God easily surpasses all other possible answers to this question.

To summarize these two posts, I discussed three points about the topic of control:

1. Something is almost always controlling your life

2. The process of realizing that something is taking control of your life is usually gradual.

3. It is important to ask, “what is worthy of having control of my life?”

I then explained that my answer to the question, “what is most worthy of being in control of your life?” is God, and gave three reasons for that answer:

1. God is a reality

2. God has characteristics that point to his worthiness over everything else

3. God’s control of your life lasts for eternity

In conclusion, if God exists, is the most desirable thing in existence, and is the only thing that lasts forever, then to me it seems clear that God is the thing most worthy of control of your life.


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