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An Example of Love

This past winter, I heard a story during a service at a church that really caused me to think. I would like to share the story and some reflections with you. The story, given by a pastor, is about the pastor’s father … Continue reading

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Reality and Eternity

My last post talked about the “why” questions in life, in the sense that the avoidance of such questions leaves out discussion on some important things with huge implications. This post is about those implications. The main implication I want … Continue reading

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Why is Why Important?

My last post discussed Richard Dawkins’ quotation that the “why” questions in life were “silly”. In that post, I did not explain why I thought these questions were important. So you can consider this post to be part 2 of … Continue reading

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Silly Rabbit, Whys Are For Kids!

The well-known atheist Richard Dawkins is a very smart man, but there is one thing in particular that he said in his debates that makes no sense to me. However, I heard a viewpoint recently that made sense of it … Continue reading

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