A Personal Story – Some things God has shown me

In part 1 of this personal story, I explained the beginning of what would be a long journey of considering different viewpoints for some important questions. Over the last few years I believe God has shown me a lot of things, but some things have really stuck out.

One of these things is how reasonable Christianity is from a purely argumentative standpoint. Religions tend to be seen as something that people take by “faith alone”. In that context, “faith alone” usually is intended to mean “accepted without rational justification”. In the case of Christianity, however, God seemingly gives people the ability to seek him using their full rational. The Christian worldview gives at the least a reasonable description of how the world works as a whole. Some of the posts in this blog will be explaining reasons why this is the case.

Another thing that I believe God has shown me is that we can have an experience of who God is. That “who God is” is a pretty loaded phrase. While we can’t fully understand God from our human perspective, we can get an idea of who he is based on his characteristics and qualities, and understand that humans are made in his image. Maybe more on that in another post.

Although we can’t fully understand God, we can “experience” him. I used to not get this whole concept. Does a certain feeling I have mean I’m having a spiritually experience? Am I just deceiving myself into thinking I’m having this type of experience? I just recently started to understand this experience of God, specifically through the Holy Spirit. Since it is a personal experience, it is difficult to describe in words. It is not even necessarily a particular feeling. It’s more of an understanding of God as the ultimate reality of the world and a trust in his promises, specifically the control of the Holy Spirit in your life (for an example, see John 14:16 in the Bible). Prayer (direct communication with God) is a huge part of that experience.

If you are not Christian and do not get what I’m saying, I totally understand. For some reason, it’s hard for me to grasp this whole experience thing. And that brings me to my last point:

God has shown me much about myself, including my doubting and analytical mind. I tend to think (and overthink!) things way before making decisions off emotion. And whatever decisions I make, I tend to question and doubt (this is generally of course, not all the time). This might be a reason why “experiencing God” is a hard concept for me to grasp.

If accepting Christianity “by faith” meant doing so without good reason, I would very likely not be able to accept it, considering the way my mind works. I might have dropped it after mycatistigger refuted my beliefs on youtube.

However, an amazing thing I’ve realized about Christianity is that in it, God has given everyone the ability to seek him, no matter who they are. A person can choose to follow Jesus Christ based solely on seeing his love for them through his death on the cross, taking the punishment for sin that they deserved. And a person can choose to follow Christ after looking at the essential claims of Christianity and realizing that those claims are true.

So if you’re the type of person who needs evidence and good reason to believe something, I encourage you to consider the claims of Christianity. There is a lot out there pointing to the truth of the life, claims, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. If those things are true, and if there is truly evil (or sin) in the world, then there are huge implications for us. Again, more on that later.

As for myself, through this journey God has given me a passion for considering arguments for different viewpoints. He also has given me a passion for talking about important questions (What is the purpose of life? Does God exist?) with others. That God-given passion motivated me to start writing in a blog. I hope these upcoming posts will give you insight into some important questions and issues. Feel free to comment on a post or message me directly at any point about anything.

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